Our New Name – Sage Haven Society

Welcome to our new website

At our 2022 AGM, the board of Alberni Community and Women’s Services Society officially approved our name change to Sage Haven Society.

We are excited for this opportunity to reinvigorate and deepen the connections ACAWS has made in the past 40 years of service to people in Port Alberni by demonstrating through our new name and logo, a renewed commitment to service our diverse population.

Sage Haven’s historic purpose has always been focused on helping women and their families fleeing violence and abuse and rebuilding their lives. Our commitment to providing a safe place for women, through our Transition House, upcoming Second Stage Housing, and other services will not change.

ACAWS/Sage Haven has provided services to many more than just women fleeing domestic violence including youth, people experiencing homelessness, poverty, or discrimination and violence, men and gender diverse communities. We believe our new name reflects that wider outlook and shows we hope to provide safety and counsel to all.