Youth Outreach Worker

The Sage Haven Logo - It is the general shape of a tree with a slender black trunk on a thin slightly sloping hill. There are leaf shapes radiating out like branches larger leaves toward the middle and smaller at the outside of the canopy. The leaves change color in progression from purple on the left to blue, light blue, green in the middle, yellow, orange and red on the right.

Youth Outreach Worker

Tel: 250-736-0712
Cell: 250-720-7232

Our Youth Outreach wants to support your needs as a youth who has experienced abuse or who is at risk.

At its core, youth work is about the relationship and conversations built up between a youth worker and a young person.  

The youth worker at Sage Haven works with and supports young people, either individually or in groups.  The outreach worker helps facilitate personal, social and educational growth in young people to help them reach their full potential in society.  Providing support, information, outreach and advocacy to youth who are experiencing difficulties.

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Transition House 24/7 Help Call:
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