Port Alberni Coldest Night 2024 Toque

Embrace the Chill: Register or Start a Local Team for Coldest Night of the Year 2024 in Port Alberni!

As winter’s brisk winds make their presence known, the anticipation for Coldest Night of the Year 2024 grows. What could be more fitting than uniting the Port Alberni community to stand against the winter cold and extend support to those facing challenges? Sage Haven Society invites you to embody warmth and compassion by registering your local team for Coldest Night 2024! Register to walk today.

Why Coldest Night of the Year?

The Coldest Night of the Year is not just a walk; it’s a movement that raises awareness and vital funds for Sage Haven Society and our Drop-In Centre, bringing local residents and those in need out from the cold, where they receive a variety of invaluable supports. By participating in this event, you become a crucial part of the solution, bringing hope to those who need it most right here in the Alberni Valley.

How to Start Your Team

1. Gather Your Tribe

Round up friends, family, colleagues, or fellow community members who share your passion for making a positive impact and having a good time together!

2. Register Your Team

Visit the Coldest Night of the Year website and register your team for the Port Alberni event. It’s a simple process that sets the stage for your collective efforts.

3. Set a Fundraising Goal

Determine a realistic yet ambitious fundraising goal for your team. This could be a collective effort, with each member contributing towards the target.

4. Spread the Word

Utilize social media, local community boards, and word of mouth to spread awareness about your team and the cause you’re supporting. Share your enthusiasm and let others know how they can join or contribute.

5. Be sure to follow our Coldest Night of the Year Facebook Page

Check out Sage Haven Society’s Facebook page dedicated to updates for the 2024 Coldest Night Of the Year Walk, including routes, sponsors, entertainment announcements, and insider tips. Be sure to like and follow.

The Impact of Your Team

By starting a local team for Coldest Night of the Year 2024 in Port Alberni, you’re directly contributing to the well-being of your community. The funds raised will benefit Sage Haven Society, providing critical support to those facing intimate partner and gender-based violence in the Alberni Valley.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We know it can be rainy in February in the Alberni Valley, but we know your heart will be warm while you walk and your stomach warm with a meal provided by our great volunteers and sponsors after your walk! Start your local team for Coldest Night of the Year 2024, and together, let’s make this event the best one yet!

Ready to take the plunge and register as a solo walker or team? Register to walk today.