Sage Haven Third Party Fundraisers

35 Creative Third-Party Fundraising Ideas for Sage Haven Society Supporters

Our work in the Alberni Valley has been supported by many amazing ambassadors and supporters who raise funds for us through third-party fundraising efforts, and we would love to name you one of them!

For over 37 years, Sage Haven Society has been creating safer spaces for women and children impacted by intimate partner violence in Port Alberni — something we can’t do without the support of others. Sage Haven Society invites you to join hands in creating meaningful change right here in the Alberni Valley by hosting a third-party Fundraiser benefiting Sage Haven.

If you’re eager to make a positive impact in Port Alberni without committing to long-term volunteering, hosting a third-party fundraiser for Sage Haven Society offers a rewarding avenue for community involvement. These events provide an opportunity to contribute directly to the well-being of women and children facing the impacts of intimate partner violence without the need for extensive time commitments.

Whether it’s organizing a bake sale, hosting a themed party, or engaging in a creative fundraising initiative, individuals and businesses can play a vital role in supporting Sage Haven Society’s mission. It’s a chance to channel your enthusiasm and energy into a single, impactful event that resonates with the values of community, compassion, and empowerment.

Getting started is easy! You need an idea and some supporters to help you make it a reality. To make it a bit easier, we have put together 35 creative fundraising ideas to inspire individuals and businesses eager to contribute to our cause.

  1. Karaoke Night: Host a lively karaoke competition with entry fees donated to Sage Haven Society.
  2. Burger & Beer: A Port Alberni favourite and a fun way to get out and see friends.
  3. Virtual Art Auction: Showcase local artists’ work and auction pieces online.
  4. Yoga in the Park: Organize an outdoor yoga event, promoting wellness and community engagement.
  5. Wine Tasting Evening: Partner with local vineyards for a sophisticated evening of wine tasting.
  6. Local Business Fair: Collaborate with local businesses for a fair, with a percentage of sales supporting us.
  7. Carwash: Jump in and cool off over the summer or gear up in raincoats and host a fun carwash.
  8. Scavenger Hunt: Create an interactive scavenger hunt with entry fees going toward our cause.
  9. DIY Workshop Series: Offer virtual or in-person workshops with local experts, such as gardening or crafts.
  10. Zumba Marathon: Dance for a cause! Organize a Zumba marathon with entry fees supporting our mission.
  11. Comedy Night: Bring laughter to your community with a night of stand-up comedy.
  12. Virtual Trivia Night: Host an online trivia night, fostering friendly competition for a good cause.
  13. Murder Mystery Dinner: Organize a thrilling evening of mystery-solving and dining.
  14. Talent Show: Showcase local talent, from singers to magicians, in a community talent show.
  15. Fashion Show: Partner with local boutiques to organize a stylish event with proceeds donated.
  16. Plant Sale: Organize a plant sale to promote green living while supporting Sage Haven Society.
  17. DIY Home Decor Workshop: Teach participants how to create beautiful home decor items.
  18. Paint and Sip Night: Combine art and wine for a relaxing evening with proceeds supporting us. Paint nights are a fun way to see friends and contribute to making a difference in the Alberni Valley by donating proceeds to Sage Haven Society.
  19. Dessert Buffet: Collaborate with local bakeries for a dessert buffet, with proceeds benefiting us.
  20. Board Game Tournament: Host a board game competition with entry fees benefiting Sage Haven Society’s children’s programs and services.
  21. DIY Home Improvement Workshop: Offer DIY home improvement classes led by local experts supporting Sage Haven’s Transition House for women.
  22. Puzzle Competition: Host a puzzle competition, challenging participants to complete intricate puzzles.
  23. Outdoor Adventure Day: Plan a day of hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities with registration fees donated.
  24. Spa Day: Partner with local spas for a day of relaxation, with a portion of sales supporting our mission.
  25. Ice Cream Social: Organize an ice cream social with proceeds going toward Sage Haven Society.
  26. Storytelling Night: Host an evening where community members share personal stories.
  27. Farmers’ Market Fundraiser: Set up a booth at the farmers’ market, selling handmade or baked items for our cause. 
  28. DIY Beauty Workshop: Teach skincare and beauty routines with local experts.
  29. Movie Marathon: Host a movie marathon night with a themed series and donation-based entry.
  30. Restaurant Crawl: Coordinate with local restaurants for a food crawl, raising funds through participation fees.
  31. Outdoor Fitness Class: Organize fitness classes in a local park, with entry fees going to Sage Haven Society.
  32. Themed Dinner Party: Host a themed dinner party with creative decor and menu options.
  33. Outdoor Concert: Arrange a live music event in a local park with ticket sales supporting us.
  34. DIY Candle-Making Kit: Sell candle-making kits for an interactive and aromatic fundraiser.
  35. Themed garage sales: Collect and donate items around a specific theme (such as board games) and plan a sale with proceeds being donated to Sage Haven Society.

Once you have an idea and dates in mind, please take a moment to fill out our Third-Party Fundraising application online, and our fundraising coordinator will get in touch with you!